My Lancia History, Alison URE.

Lancias, and especially Lambdas, have been in my life for as long as I can remember. Mum, Pat Ure, bought her first Lambda in 1962 when I was 3 yrs old and used it for school runs for many years. A second lambda was added soon after and she and my father competed in rallies (National and International), trials and driving tests with my siblings and me in tow!

In the 70’s my brother had a Fulvia 1600 HF and my sister had a Fulvia coupe series 2 which I inherited.  When it succumbed to the rust beetle I purchased a Fulvia coupe series 3 which finally died in 1985. Mum also had a couple of Fulvia Zagatos and a Flavia 2000 and bought the current Lambda (Murphy) in 1978. 

For the next 20 years I swapped the horse power of 4 cylinders for 4 legs following my equestrian interests, but returned to Lancias with ever increasing enthusiasm in 2006 when I co drove Murphy to Italy for the Fobello rally. However, my first International rally to Italy was in 1981, also in Murphy. This rally was a centenary rally celebrating 100 years since Vincenzo Lancia’s birth in 1881, and I still have clear memories of rows of different Lancia marques in Parma amongst other places.

I have participated in The Fobello rally twice, the Sliding Pillar Rally 5 times and Castlemaine in Australia once.  After buying Doug Ellis’s Fulvia coupe 1.3 Rally S in the summer 2017, I entered the Lancia Motor Club Welsh rally. This year I have taken part in the Dutch rally, the LMC national rally, FFEAR, the Goodwood track day and the Firle Hill Climb.

I have organised many different events throughout my life and began the LMC monthly meetings for the Kent and Sussex area 4 years ago, with a regular monthly attendance of around 20 Lancisiti. I am a member of the Lancia Motor Club committee and secretary to the Lambda Consortium. My biggest challenge to date is heading the amazing, talented and enthusiastic team running this Lambda Centenary event to Fobello in Italy in 2022.


Freyja Burrill’s, Lancia story.

My parents met over the Lancia Lambda that my Dad acquired while at medical school. Their relationship blossomed and I was the result. The car has remained in our lives for the past 50+ years, other lancias have come and gone but Old Boot has remained, although we also have a aprilia, fulvia, and Sheila, our Lambda tourer. Our first continental holidays were in the Lambda, 3 children in the back, hooting with laughter as we slid across the shiny rear leather seats as my dad took the corners briskly.

As soon as I learnt to drive, dad encouraged me to learn double de-clutching so that I could drive the lambda.

My dad has been to every Varallo rally since the start, my first rally was 1981. Several rallies later, and I took my son when he was just 18 months old. The rally of 2016 was my first solely in charge of a lambda, again with my sonand I was able to manage all the running repairs independently. I now fully consider that this car is mine.



I am honoured to be invited to join the Team to make the Lambda Centenary Fobello 2021 happen and will be happy to assist wherever I can.

My personal first hand history with Lambda dates back to 1987 when my husband, Paul and I started attending Castlemaine Rallies. Whenever I was offered a ride in one of the beautiful Lambda models we have here in Australia, I would jump at the chance to experience true classic motoring. From those years the “LAMBDA bug” grew and in 2013 Paul and I purchased our 1926 7th Series Torpedo. We undertook a detailed restoration of the car and were most proud to present it at Fobello 2016.

I have been involved with Lancia cars since I met Paul in 1985. As he already had a strong passion for the marque, I soon acquired the same affliction, in fact, I had little choice!!!

Our 35 years together have been filled with many and varied Lancia outings, events, camaraderie and lifelong friendships. Not to mention the long list of Lancia cars we have owned, most of which hold a special place in my heart.

From 1990 to the present day I have spent many years fulfilling the role of Secertary / Treasurer of the Queensland Lancia Club and have had the pleasure and challenge of playing a large part in the planning and running of the annual “Lancia Qld Wintersun Rally” and “Giro di Nord” which are held in July of each year.

I am excited to be part of the Lambda Centenary celebrations and I look forward with great anticipation to being part of Fobello 2022.


Iain Simpson – Victoria Australia

I grew up around old cars of the 1920’s so it is no surprise where I ended up: here with a Lambda.

My father, when asked what was his dream car responded to me, “That’s easy, A Type 41 Bugatti Royale.” The follow up question of course was: “How much are they Dad? Are you going to buy one?” His response was enlightening but the next question from a young boy to his father was, “So, other than a Bugatti Royale, what car would you have?” To which he replied, “No question: a Lancia Lambda.”

I bought my 8th series in 2011 and the learning curve has been impressive. There is a lot to learn when you want to work on your own car. These cars are Not just a simple old vintage car. In many ways they are very different from their piers but what strikes you when you start working on them is how well they were engineered. Everything is precisely made and therefore everything must be precisely re-made when worn out.

The cars are one thing but the people, the Lambda community, is what has drawn me in to the model. In Australia we are very fortunate to have the likes of Bill Jamieson, Bill Smith, Russell Meehan and in the past Don Wright at our disposal. All have been engaging and helpful on my journey with the Lambda model. This a worldwide community now with the coming of the Lambda World Register and so communication with other experts around the globe is active and alive too.

I am happy to assist Jo Doumany to get Australian Lambda owners to Fobello 2022.


Lorenzo Pataccia, my Lancia Story.

Being born in a family that has Lancia in its DNA has always meant so much to me.

One of the first memories about Lancia cars I can think of involves my uncle Manfredi taking me from Belvedere down to Fobello in his shining blue Lancia Aprilia Cabriolet with the folding top raised and I, sitting in the back, screaming with joy and ready for the take off. Some time has passed since then but that feeling is still strong in me!

My first Lambda Rally was in 1996: as far as I know that was the first time the whole international group of Lambdas drove up to Fobello.

Since then I didn’t miss any. I simply couldn’t help!

In 2006 I traveled  from the UK to Fobello with Gerald, Maureen and Jez Batt on one of their Lambdas: such an amazing (and long) trip across Britain and France: I really enjoyed any minute.

In 2011 and 2016 I drove up to Lanslebourg with Edoardo to welcome our Lambda friends arriving from all over the  world. We really cared to be there and tell them all “welcome home!”.

I’m really looking forward to seeing what wonderful moments we will live together in 2022!


Costanza Lancia, 

My story with Lancia starts back in... well more years than a lovely young lady like me would like to admit!
You can imagine that being raised around cars has created in me a bunch of memories that "normal people" could find, let me say, quite peculiar: the scent of old leather, the smell of gasoline, the sound of a crippling engine, the touch of shiny metal details... really make me feel comfortable and at home.

I always took part in the past events, and even when i was just a girl I knew something special was happening... The passion and love of all this different people coming from all over the world created an incredible and moving atmosphere.

Hope that what we are organizing for 2022 will be memorable!


Andrea Pataccia,

In September 1996, at the age of nine, I was in Fobello for my summer holidays and I had the opportunity to take part to my first Lambda event. It was love at first sight. I had never seen such beautiful cars and I was really fascinated by the passion every crew had. There were people coming from all over the world with their own cars. It was amazing going up to Montà on one of those Lambdas! My mother bought me a jumper with Lancia Lambda logo that day and I still have it as a memory of that beautiful event.

25 years and 5 events later I will take part in the Lambda Centenary and I really cannot wait for that day. I am really glad and proud to be part of the big Lancia family we all belong. I'm sure we will have a great time!


Lisa Benwell,

Having married into a keen Lancia Lambda family, Lambdas have become a big part of my life ever since Gerald Batt drove me in his 7th series tourer on my wedding day and father-in-law Mike transported his son Nick Benwell there in his 8th series saloon.

A few years later Nick and I set up business at the famous Phoenix Green Garage in Hartley Wintney where Nick has been involved in the restoration of a number of Lancia Lambdas, and recently prepared and accompanied a 1928 works Lambda on the Mille Miglia.

Together with our two daughters we have been on many family trips in Lambdas yet the 2016 Fobello was our first major Lambda event as a family. What a fantastic adventure, bringing together our combined love of vintage car touring and travel, and in such a beautiful part of the world. Having worked as a holiday planner in a previous career and revelling any opportunity to organise a good holiday, it seemed inevitable that I get involved in this Lambda centenary and help the team create a truly memorable celebratory adventure.

See you there!


Angela Long – NSW Australia.

I was introduced to Lambdas when my father-in-law Ray Long bought his first one in 1991, a 1927 Torpedo Series 7 and five years later, in 1996, he and my husband Nigel packed it into a container and shipped it from Australia to England to be part of the first Lambda rally in Fobello, Italy. In 2016 – 20 years later – it was once again on its way to the UK, along with Ray’s two other Lambdas, another 1927 Torpedo and his 1927 Spyder Casaro. Our family, nine in total, spent a month driving over 4000 kms around England, France, Italy and Switzerland. The Lancias did it easily.

In Australia Ray leads the way encouraging the family onto many local rallies over the years including Castlemaine in Victoria and the Winter Sun in Queensland, as well as putting together some of our own around the beautiful Australian countryside. The Lancia love now continues with our son who is looking forward to purchasing his first Lancia.

I am honoured to be included in the team to organise the 100-year celebration of the beautiful Lancia Lambda.



Edoardo Lancia

It is hard to remember the moment when I can say that I became a real passionate of historic cars, especially for the Lancia brand: simply always! Ever since I was a little boy, I used to walk around Dad's garage and try to help him with every job!
Lambda, Aprilia, Aurelia, Fulvia: I would say that, over the years, I have seen them all taken apart until the last bolt! And the satisfaction of having helped to fix even the smallest detail has always been great!

I believe that many of the "Amici" remember my first gathering better than I do, like a little blond boy who wandered around in '96, looking around through the various Lambdas. I haven't missed one since!
See you by 2022!


Olivia Stephens

My first Lambda rally was to Fobello in 1991, in an 8th series, which my father borrowed for the trip. The car had been rebuilt in England just after the second world war, with an attractive two door fixed head body and had space behind the front seats, perfect for a six month old baby. I don't have any memories of that trip, but I still have an engraved glass memento.
The family Lambda, the well-known ex-John Maltby 8th series torpedo, was awaiting a rebuild in 1991. Things stayed that way, with slow progress from my father as he busied himself at the wheel of an ERA. The car was mostly finished in time for the 2016 Fobello event with the family travelling to Italy, for the car's first trip to Italy since the big 1971 Torino expedition. 
I have enjoyed several Sliding Pillar rallies in our Aurelia and, more recently, in the Lambda and I am very much looking forward to 2021. As a professional event organiser, it was a pleasure to volunteer help in the preparation for the event.