Event regalia will be available to purchase  direct from the Lancia Motor Club regalia shop from January 1st 2022 to December 31st 2022.

There will be a link from this website to the specific regalia page on the LMC website from January 1st 2022.




Foglizzo worked with Lancia and the interior upholstery of Lambda from its conception. Since 1921, Foglizzo’s reputation has been founded on the design and development of high quality leathers for clients who require exclusivity and individual customisation. Heir of the best Italian tradition, over three generations, Foglizzo is driven by the culture of excellence with unparalleled artisanal know-how, innovative technical skills and the unique ability to understand the customer’s needs. Leveraging our experience in crafting leather for the restorations of antique cars, today the Company supplies exclusive high quality leather to the yachting, aviation, motor and residential interior design industries. Foglizzo’s mission is to develop high customised leather for clients that appreciate its authentic characteristics and unique qualities.

Phoenix Green garage

The Phoenix Green Garage is owned and run by Nicholas Benwell, a specialist in pre-war sports cars, notably Alfa Romeos and Lancia Lambdas. He keeps a stock of second hand Lancia Lambda spares. 

The garage is located next to The Phoenix Inn, where the Vintage Sports Car Club was founded in 1934, and remains a regular meeting point for vintage and classic car enthusiasts. 

Longstone tyres:
Lancia Lambda and Longstone Tyres

 ALR Australian Lancia Register:

The Australian Lancia Register was started in 1971 by a group of Melbourne Lambda owners with the initial aim of tracing all the Lambda in Australia and encouraging their preservation and restoration. It quickly expanded its aims to include all Lancias and held the first Castlemaine later that year. The organisation was informal until an incorporated association was formed in 2003. The Register has maintained a membership of around 250 members for some years including overseas members. The bi-ennial Castlemaine rally consistently has over 100 Lancia entered including twenty or more Lambdas. The Register has achieved its purpose by inspiring many high quality restorations and has fostered friendships and the spread of knowledge between Lancia owners. 

Lancia Motor Club:

The Lancia Motor Club was founded in 1947 and is the oldest and largest club dedicated to the Lancia marque with around 1200 members. The clubencourages the use and preservation of all Lancia models from 1906 to date in a number of different ways including track days, hill climbs, touring rallies local monthly meetings etc.


Scuderia Torino Description

Scuderia Torino is an advanced technology company which has a consolidated experience in the restorations of classic and luxury cars.

Classic Cars restoration represents the main activity of Scuderia Torino which includes the repairing and the reconstruction of each component of the body and the interiors. In the Classic Cars unit, our highly qualified team of expertsis capable to realize any restoration project with high quality standards: every project is the result of a complete synergy between customer and our work.Customer is also guided in buying a classic car, with evaluations and complete cost-benefit analysis of a restoration according to the conditions of the vehicle and its market value. Scuderia Torino has also a well-established network with qualified partners for retrieval and reproduction of every spare part and specified processes which are difficult to find. Restoration includes also upholstery, interior components,with guaranteed time deliveries and quality of the final result. 
Stile unit, instead, provides services of design and realization of high quality paintings on prototypes,models and small productions. With 3D Scan and Reverse Engineering services it is also possible to rebuild any component which is difficult to find out.